Dear brother Chase <3

 just recently posted this, and i wanted you to see it too because i want to share with you as much love as i can – thank you so much for creating this for me…. i am continuously working towards new goals and musical enlightenment by blending with your creation. Words cannot describe how grateful i am to you-with providing this medium and being so connected to the moment – I am buying MORE than a few more models soon in the future, just need some other keys, probably the same custom engraving – because goodness gracious – what a magical effect it is to have your instrument astrologically tuned to your spirit…  makes for very easy transference amongst the masses…. endless and heartfelt deepest gratitude brother…. i hope your sales are going well,  as is other aspect of your life – thank you thank you thank you,
  i shall be in touch <3
hi chase,
the tankdrum arrived 2 days ago , butt i didn’t have internet,
its beautiful , the sound is mezmerizing, and everywhere i played it people were very enthousiastic;
keep on doing these good works , your instrument brings people closer to each other!!
i’m going to make alot of tankdrum videos soon, just practising and i’m going to promote your ‘business’
my youtube channel is called: psilocyne,  if you like it subscribe!
much love to you and your family
greetings, jhono
Hello thank you for the drum it’s really beautiful. I made a sound clip of it here.
I just got the drum a few minutes ago! Thank-you its awesome! My son loves it! Thanks!
Debbie M.
Hi Chase,

  This is Kelly Agnew; I own one of your 11:11 drums, and I absolutely love it! I believe that I told you that I was taking my Tank drum to Hawaii, as well as on a long tour of the western USA.   I also believe that when I bought the drum I told you I was going to use it primarily as a shamanic tool to help induce and control trance consciousness in my participants.   Well, its been quite an amazing trip so far.  My association with the drum has grown deep, and powerful.  It is helping to truly change and focus my life in many ways, and they are all very cool!  I am currently setting myself to permanently move to the big island- Hawaii.  Wow, what a place.  I have temporarily set-up at a communal village in the Puna district.  It really is beautiful here, and the sound of the Tankdrum fits right in.  Playing for the community about an hour  has become a well loved fixture of each day, and my family here all complain if I miss a day.  My place here is close to the outdoor shower that most people use, and lots of them come by and request my music if I am not otherwise occupied.  I have even been payed money to play!  The shamanic part of it is advancing faster and farther than I ever imagined it would, and boy, did I imagine a-lot.  to shorten what could be a much longer story, all the knowledge and skill I once needed to employ to bring people to and then through the doors of perception of the dreamtime is no longer something I need to concern myself with because of the use of the Tankdrum!!!  something opened from inside of me when I played without intent.  I simply open my heart chakra as far as I can and music starts to pour out through the drum.  Sometimes I can’t even tell exactly what my hands are doing, but the rhythms and melodies that evolve are wonderful.  for the first time in my life there is music flowing out from my spirit into the world, and it is making a difference in my environment and the people who fill it.  Many people have told me that when they listen to me play their eyes just want to close.  When they close their eyes they ALL have told me independently that they begin to see vivid geometric patterns appear.  They mostly confirm that these are not the “normal” patterns they see.  These are not ordinary phosphenes!  These geometeries people are seeing when I play are the same as the patterns that have been described by shamans all over the planet for thousands of years.  These patterns have always been explained by the adepts of the magical traditions as the one really recognizable sign that the active, lucid consciousness is entering into the “other world”.  My playing the Tankdrums (I own two, as you might remember) is ushering other non-adepts directly into the dreamtime without my even focusing or contouring the energy of the space.  This is really amazing to me, and liberating.  Now, people are wanting me to record and distribute the music that is just flowing out of me.  I would like to thank you very much for bringing these instruments forward into this time and space.  They are so closely tied to the continued evolution of the human format, that I think they are integral to our continued survival and growth as a species.  Finally, I would like to reopen a discussion about beginning a new drum.  I would like to get another 11:11 drum, but this time I would like to discuss one tuned either in D, or in F#.  Please let me know how you are doing, and what your manufacturing situation is.  I am anxious to hear about whats up with you, and to finalize the deal on a this new drum.
Peace, Love,  Happiness, and Rainbows to you and yours forever,
Kelly Agnew
Hi Chase.
I hope you had a great camping trip!

 I received my amazing Tankdrum!!!
 Thank you so much Chase! It is everything I was hoping it would be.
take care.
Both drums have arrived safely. They sound amazing! Thank you so much for these. I am truly impressed with their tone an quality. I can’t wait to share them with my friends. Thank you again and have a great week!
-George Bertalan


Hey, I received my Tankdrum yesterday, Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome instrument. Your YouTube videos do not do it justice, I was amazed at how crisp and clean it sounded and it definitely exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be ordering another drum in the future.  Thanks once again



Hi Chase, I got my drum and really like it! It is easier to play than the hang drum, being a little smaller and the areas that resonate are a little larger. I like the tone quality both with hands and my timpani sticks. The tone quality is accurate, and six of the eight notes on my hang are complementary with this drum.

-Musical Lynda


IT CAME! i was going to email you sooner, but i’ve been so busy with playing it and going to school. chase, this thing is a beauty, its incredible. The thing is overwhelming, i’ve fallen in love with it and it was well worth the wait. GOOD JOB. There is no doubt in my mind you’re the best at what you do.

-anonymous Tankdrummer


Hey man, My name is Nate, I just got your A 7 tank drum in the mail and this thing is amazing. I am a drummer, I mostly just play set but I have dabbled in other percussion like bells and marimbas, but I was never very good. This new instrument really opens some doors and the portability of it is also extremely accommodating. I will probably be ordering another one very soon!



i want to tell you again how amazing this thing is and how much joy it has brought me. it’s by far my favorite instrument. i have a connection with it more than anything else that i play. it was definitely meant to be that i would go to the G funk talent show and hear that thing being played on the way back by some kids that were watching your campsite. I can’t thank you enough.

-Jake Hopes


today I’ve got my Tank Drum! Thank you o much, it’s amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It’s realy change the space outside and inside mood! Just I’ve started to play in my hostel and people started to come like Drum is a magnet.

-shakti spring


Our two DMC drums arrived on Wednesday and Thursday, and we could not be happier. The high pitched and lower pitched combination in E is a great combination. The harmonics are good on both drums and the tones are awesome. There are so many playing surfaces on one drum… not just on the tongues, but you can play all around them with good results. The precision tuning means that you can play any combination and it sounds perfect. These are excellent instruments.

-Anne Muse, Manchester, England


Hello! This is the letter of gratitude!)
Around 1,5 years have passed since I have my tankdrum and since that time so many good and positive emotions have passed through this instrument, so many people felt happyness playing or listerning to it, so I would like to say great THANK YOU ! =) Hope everytjing goes good and your instruments keep pleasing people!
I usualy dont do videos, but recently I have made one, so I decided to write you a letter of gratitude and to apply a short video I wanted to share..=)
Best wishes! Thanks for what you are doing!



The drum arrived today.   My son’s words: “Thank you for handcrafting the drum and making it look so beautiful. I could stare at it for hours. Thank you for making the drum sound so good and beautiful, I love it.” And thank you for being so nice to us.”  The sound is everything we expected and then some. He is already creating beautiful music that fills our home with joy.  Thank you so much, from my family.



hey chase, i wanted to let you know that the C#22 got here just fine. i saw that you got a rune on the center petal of the back side after all. all the runes look great, you did a super job. thanks for getting all the runes on the drum. it really looks wonderful. the sound is very different from that of the D#7, but i’m learning how to make the C# sing too. oh yea, dig this, it arrived at 11:11 this morning, talk about syncronicity. there must really be something going on with your drums. i am very happy with my Tankdrums. thank you again chase.



Well worth the wait. The video does not do it any justice. It has such a warm tone. Thank you so much.

-Randy Bernhardt


Just wanted to say my two tanks has arrived safely. They find their way into my hands all the time and call upon fingers with wanderlust to make play of what music now can be. All hail to your magic craftsmanship and truly evocative inventions in sound – This is indeed the instrument that would turn my daydreams into soundtracks. Salutations from the happy tank topper.



Got the drum today and haven’t been able to keep my hands of it since! It gives me a smile every time i strike a note, knowing it spent it’s previous life as a propane gas tank and is now a beautiful instrument. Thanks again Chase for all your support in getting the drum over to me, you clearly care about your customers so you can expect to hear from me again in the future!



i just wanted to say i just received my drum today and it is amazing!!!! thank you so much! i could play it all day i don’t even want to put it down to go to work.

-Paul Worman


I just purchased an A7 tankdrum from you, many thanks.  I already have a C7 (bought last year) and have been keen to get an A7 for some time now as I love the one I have. This morning I came across your video of the A7 and C7 played together and this convinced me I had to get one.  In my work as a musician and early years artist I often use the Tankdrum in music sessions with young children and find it is a very popular instrument, both for the mellow soothing tones it produces and its look and feel.  I am very much looking forward to receiving my new drum, and looking forward to playing the two drums together.



How can I thank you for such a beautiful instrument? As soon as I saw the box (much earlier than I had expected, Thank you,) I felt my heart jump with a joy, I used to feel as a child on a Christmas morning. As soon as I took it out of the box, we began to make friends. I found the Tankdrum very organic to play. It is like a well made wind chime; there is no wrong way to play it as long as spirit is guiding the music. Its sound is perfectly angelic & meditative. I am so happy with its resonant rich tones, its otherworldly beauty and simplicity.
Thank you so much for this beautiful gift that you & your family share with the world; to make an instrument that is so unique, well crafted & made with visible reverence for its appearance & its music. I am sure that my Tankdrum & I will have a long & happy life together, making music that soothes the souls of all who hear it & feel its vibration. At some point, I will want a Tankdrum with more notes. I look forward to making that transaction within this year. Again, Thank you.



The drum is an absolute blast, I bought it for a gift for my father and law and almost didn’t give it up haha the sound is perfect and soothing both my little girls loved the serenity that your drums create!! Thanks again and I will be ordering from you again.



My husband cannot put his new tankdrum down and we dont’ mind one bit ! We are all thinkin this thing must have come from outer space ! WOW what a magical sound, thank you for sharing with us ! many blessings,



Conrad loves his Tankdrum, the sound is beautiful and he plays it all the time. Much easier on my ears than his traditional drum set sound.
Beautiful craftsmanship, we will recommend you to our friends. Thank you!

-Dorothy Barone


I have been turning people on to the tank drum and its unique sound and power to calm and stabilize any situation. I love my drum, and it has been traveling with me all over the southwest and the islands. The sound of the drum never fails to draw people to it. I love telling people about the drums and the tank drum site, and this cool guy in Colorado who makes them. I hope sales are going well for you because these drums have unique personalities, souls that other drums of this type seem to lack. I want to let you know just how special your work is, and how it is transforming my world for the better. Your drums are a powerful force for peace on the planet. Thats a cool idea using the coconut oil, i’ve been doing something similar with my drums. I feel privileged to own one of only four drums of my kind. Are you still making them? if so I would be interested in ordering another 11:11 drum from you. I love mine and playing it puts me in a meditative space, however my nephew also has grown to love my drum and longs to play with me. I want to get him one of his own. I am moving to Hawaii on the big island of hawaii. We ar starting a sacred space for people to commune with the native plants of the islands in many different ways. I dream of hearing our drums in the forest as we work to restore it. Please let me know about the possibility of acquiring another 11:11 such as price and manufacturing time. Thanks for making this particular dream at least possible.



Just wanted to send a quick message to say thank you for the speedy shipment and amazing quality and craftmenship! I was surprised to get it so soon, and spent all weekend playing it til my hands are sore 🙂 Ill definitely be in touch soon enough to get another maybe some complimentary tones. Unbelievable sounds come from this thing! I love the sound  🙂

– brainphreak


A wickedly cool tool for beats, and it looks like an alien artifact. Awesome.



First off, thank you for making such a wonderful tankdrum. This instrument is the greatest thing that has happened to music in a loooong time, I feel lucky to have obtained one. I have been waiting for this inspiration and it has finally arrived. I will send you some music when I learn the instrument.  Gratitude,



It has finally arrived.  The customs hold it back for 5!!! days.  Thank you very much for this beautiful instrument!  It is even better than expected.  Also the alchemical symbols are exactly what i wanted.  Keep up the excellent work!!!  You guys definitely know how to craft a tankdrum!  Kind regards to all of you !!!



Thank you so much for this wonderful drum!! It came on the Solstice (on schedule). I was happily surprised at how easy it is to play…I played it to the setting sun here on the west coast. I’m sure the sun and the bay and the creation around was happy to hear such lovely sounds. It truly is soothing. It’s my new meditation. It pleases my soul. Thanks.



Hi. I just wanted to let you know that it is the single most beautiful instrument I have ever played. I have a couple of friends that are saving up to get one. I took it on a plane and was asked to play it and they where memorized. I am planning on buying more latter on. Thanks a million.



Hi, I just received my Tankdrum. I love it!! Thank you so much. It sounds so Beautiful! And it weighs less than I thought it would. I am listening to your cd right now. It is so calming, I just can’t tell you how happy I am. Thank you so much.



I just got my Tankdrum. I instantly became in love with it when I opened the box. Thank you so much. Ive been playing it for hours.its the coolest instrument I’ve ever played.



I got my Tankdrum you have made for me… I’m the happiest women all around Switzerland!!! I realy love it!  My 4 little children love it to… they want me to play it before they go to bed….  Thank you very much for your work and help and trust!  And finally I had contact to Shana… (thanks for helping). She’s making me a bag and I’m gonna get it soon… Thank you!

-Chantal from Switzerland


Well, I’ve got it. It is just perfect. Amazing sound, I love the symbols.
I would like to thank you and everyone who worked on it. You did an awesome job. Definitly will be buying the A#10 high in January. Do you already have a price for it?

-David Smit


Everyone has been mesmerized with this instrument so far its really wild. I had no idea what i was in for. Nice job, I want another soon.



Dude…for real? This drum rules! I’m thinking one just isn’t enough and it just got here an hour ago. Far far out man. Thanks again,



It’s great. My son is very pleased and can’t stop playing. Thanks very much. We’ll recommend you to others……..

-Doug Berry


I GOT IT!  Beautifully crafted,great sound & tone! It’s exotic, & hypnotic & well worth the wait.  Thanks man! I’ll be back.

-Raymond King


Just to let you know that my Tank Drum arrived today safely.  I am amazed and I cannot stop playing it!  It has such an original and mysterious sound and I can’t wait to incorporate it into my music.  Thank you so much for making such a wonderful instrument.  All the best,



I got my drum yesterday and am super pleased with my purchase. Sounds great! My wife even did pretty well on the first time out! Thanks for creating my leisure activity.



Received the tank. I’m really impressed by the sound of it. It is so clear and resonant, almost bell like. Thanks again for choosing/making one for me.

-keith Allen


thank you very much! The tank drum arrived safely on Monday at our house. Perfect, as I gave it as a birthday present to my wife yesterday. And yes, it really sounds like the A7 tank drum we had seen in your websites video. As novice tank drummers my wife – and sometimes she lets me play it too 😉 – have big fun exploring its sound and learning to play it. Thank you again, you have done a great job.



Just a quick email to let you know that Drum arrived safe and sound!! My brother absolutely loves it!!!  Never having played one before he has picked it up instantly!! (smart @ss)  Thanks very much.



Tankdrum has arrived Germany. We are very enthusiastic, this is bulls eye and we cannot stop praising the artist.

– Hans-Georg und Inge Blank


I am in love with this drum. I love the journeys I can enjoy with this magical tool. Sacred sounds…

-Rainbow Sister


I finally got my new Tankdrum… IT IS AMAZING!!!  even better than I hoped.  it sound great.  Good job,  thank you,



MUCH better than a tank drum I’d purchased elsewhere – double sided is a huge + too

-Jaesa Bol


Chase, I received your tankdrum. It is a wonderful instrument which I can play infinitely. The sound is really beautiful, thank you for making such a brilliant tank drum. All the best,



Sorry this email is a little late, I just want to thank you for the tank drum. My son loves it, we couldn’t be more pleased!! I love listening to it! Thanks for sending it on the time schedule you said we really appreciate it!!



The drum is more than I expected, I like it better than any other I’ve heard online, it was well worth the wait. Your team did a fantastic job. We will be ordering a second drum very soon. Thank you for the great service.



Thank you so much for this beautiful drum!! I can’t stop playing it! The sound is gorgeous! I am in love with it!  Thanks again!



I received my Tankdrum today, and it is everything I hoped it would be: a beautiful work of art and a fine musical instrument with a lovely haunting tone. Magical indeed. Thank You!

-Paula Morgan


Hello, My name is Gard Maråk and is 12 years old and lives in Norway. Last year I bought the tank drum D7, and are very happy with it. I’ve played a
few concerts, and on the street and has received good response. Many people wonder what I play, and I explained as best I can.

-Gard Maråk 🙂


Chase, that tank drum is lush! I am a very pleased customer!!!!!! sounds fantastic! Keep up the good work!



hi!! Thank you soo much for my beautiful tankdrum!! the sound is amazing,you have done really well with the symbols..pleasure doing business with you..



Amazing Instrument! My advice: stop thinking about getting one and just get one!



Fantastic Drum – Well worth the wait! Sounds Magic – Loving the vibe of this!



Tankdrums are whats UP. WORD. Tanks for making mine so DOPE.



I finally recieved my tank drum yesterday after customs delayed it by ten days. Well worth the wait. Excellent drum. Happily getting sore fingers and thumbs playing it now. Brilliant.



Hello Chase, i just recieve my tankdrum today in switzerland, nice work, i love the touch feeling when i play and the soud is amazing, i take the drum this week end on the mountain to play with this incredible instrument ! i am very happy, all the best for you and your familly



Good afternoon, I have just received the instrument and want to congratulate him for tankdrum. The sound of it is wonderful and I am very pleased with the acquisition. I plan to purchase more of this instrument at another appropriate time.

-Leandro Sbeguen


Hi Chase, Got the drum today, it is BEAUTIFUL, sound is spectacular. Thank you thank you thank you.



It got here yesterday and I love it! It sounds great!  Thanks for your talents building these magical drums!

-Lori Salisbury


Hey Chase, the Tankdrum arrived some time ago and I forgot to tell you. it´s awesome, the sound is beatifull and also the instrument! Thanks alot mate ^^ Hugs,



chase!!!!! i got my drum earlier today and i played for 2 hours straight, its amazing! well worth the wait. everyone in my house loves it too. thank you so much its just.. infinite happiness. ill definitely be getting another drum this year.

Hi Chase,

We got the drum today.  Thank you SO much!  It is beautiful and my son loves it!  The craftsmanship and tone is superior.  I love listening to it.  I wish you all the best.

Thank you,




Thank you so much! Well worth the wait! Amazing sound! I absolutely love it!

Thanks again!
Maleet and James Finch

I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for your work on this drum.  I am not only loving it, but it has exceeded my expectations.  I did not realize what a dynamic instrument this really was.  There are so many nuances that I am still discovering; tones, harmonics, air flow, muting, and so much more.  I am amazed at how many sounds can be made with this drum beyond the basic 13 notes.  I also am coming to appreciate what you might call the “rough look” of the drum.  It looks handmade, it has imperfections in its appearance, its not lazer cut, etc, etc, but that is what makes it so amazing.  You would never realize what an amazing instrument you were looking at.  Its a one of a kind sound, rather than cookie cut.
Before i bought your tankdrum i literally researched every other tank, hang, tongue, etc, drum on the market, and i could tell by your videos that this one was going to be the best.
the rich tone, harmonics, the long sustain.  You really get everything right.

I could really go on and on but this is longer than I expected already.

One thing i really did want to point out that probably caught me most by surprise just today, was that you can turn this drum into well… a proper drum.  What i mean is that rather than play the notes, you can spread your hands and fingers in various configurations using various muting or palming techniques, like you might find in conga drums.  This drum can be made to sound like a whole drum circle’s worth of different hand drums, as well as producing many totally unique sounds that are half drum sounds, half tone sounds.   there are so many variations that you can position your hands, and so many variables in sound production that you can manipulate.The possibilities are really endless!  This may turn out to be my favorite part of this drum.

Ok… you get the idea, I love it!  Thanks again!

Ben Radtke
Hello…I just received my gift from you yesterday morning and wanted to say thank you…very much.  You and your family are doing a great service to this world by producing these incredible drums!  Hopefully one day we’ll bump into one another on board the mother ship.  Namaste.
Tark in new Orleans.
Thanks again.
the drum arrived…and I couldn’t be happier! What splendid work. It’s honestly even better than I thought it would be. After I pulled that drum from the package, I ended up sitting on my kitchen floor playing for a good hour before I realized how much time had passed by. What a beautifully mesmerizing instrument. It sounds perfect too: I was right to trust your judgement with the Drum Maker’s Choice option. F Minor was a great choice indeed.

Thank you very much, Mr. Chase. I’ll treasure this always. I hope that with enough practice, I can make this Tankdrum sing the song of my soul. 🙂


Robert B. Healy III

God damn man.. this thing is beautiful! Thank you so much! I was barely able to take my hands off of it last night. Its sounds so clear and resonates so deeply… I was reclining in a chair and had it on my lower belly, was tapping the gong/center tong; vibrations going right through the body.. feels sooo good. This is the instrument ive been looking for!  Anyway, it has been a pleasure doing business with you! Thanks for your quick replies and quality craftsmanship.
Much Love,
Hello and thank you so much. The Tankdrum sounds great and I love it. It has a completely different character compared to the hang, which isn’t mine but has been lended to me by a friend for some time – I can recommend the Tankdrum to everybody.Best wishes and keep on making musical instruments,
Olf D.DUUUUDE!!!! I just got my Tankdrum today and I am psyched!! Been playing round for a few hours now. THANK YOU CHASE!!! XD I was going to write just to say I could hardly wait, and then today bam, it was waiting for me instead. It sounds awesome!!! Looking forward to much practice :)TitoHey Chase – how have you been man?

Been a while – like 2 years or so.
Just wanted to drop a line because I’ve been playing my tank a lot lately, and last night I told my wife.
I think it’s my most valued possession. She was like “more than your guitars?!”
And yeah – something about it – the uniqueness and mystique of it, plus having so much input into the notes on it, put it at #1.
Thought you’d like to hear that – maybe a good testimonial.




“future primitive percussion...”