Purchase Info...

(Current wait time to receive a Tankdrum from date of purchase is 4-5 weeks.)

0.  If something on the website is not clear or you have any questions at all concerning Tankdrums please email me (tankdrum@gmail.com).

1.  To buy a Tankdrum, first select the Tankdrum by clicking on the picture of it, or on the name of it  (Acoustic Airbender). After this you should see a button that says “Buy This Tank” and this link will route you through Paypal where you can use a Paypal account or a credit card. You can also pay using BitCoin or Ethereum, certified check/money order, or bank transfer. For any method of payment other than Paypal please contact me first. 

2.  Any of the Tankdrum models on the website can be pitched up or down to different degrees, depending on the model. You can also choose to expand a single side drum into a double side drum, and can reduce a double side drum into a single side drum (contact me for this option). We can also tune drums to most any custom request, no extra costs. The range of the Tankdrum is C3-C6, and in some cases can reach up even higher, and MOST ANY scale is possible , even micro tone scales. You can also choose if you would like your drum tuned at 440hz, 432hz, 444hz or another frequency calibration.

3.  You can choose to have symbols engraved on the tongues. We charge extra for symbols (5.00 per symbol), so you can select this option when purchasing, using the drop down menu. Some people choose to have symbols engraved so that they can identify the notes by looking at the drum. Our “Logical Artistic” symbols are the best visual representations of each note we could come up with, we also have many other sets to choose from and can engrave custom symbols so long as they are fairly simple. All symbols are “note coordinated”, which means we assign each symbol to the note which it visibly represents best, for example a triangle may represent an A note because it looks most like the letter A.




a. Plain Notes



b. Logical Artistic



c. Crop Circles   CropCircleSymbols


d. Mathematic   MathMusicianSymbols


e. Coexist   CoexistSymbols


f. Native American   NativeAmericanSymbols


g. Egyptian   EgyptianSymbols


h. Happy Hippy  HappyHippySymbols


i. Zodiac  AstroLogicSymbols


j. Alchemy   AlchemySymbols


k. Alpha Original   AlphaOriginalSymbols


l. Planetary   SystematicSolartSymbols_1





4.  When you order a Tankdrum i will send you a confirmation within 24 hours of receiving your payment.

5.  All of our Tankdrums are made by hand per order and take 4-5 weeks to be completed and shipped out, this wait time can change due to orders.

6.  For custom Tankdrum orders, please go here, or you can email me (tankdrum@gmail.com) with your ideas…


Shipping and Handling

1.  Inside the U.S. (AK, HI,)  shipping is a flat rate of 40$.

2.  Anywhere else in the world is a flat rate of 95$.



The Tankdrum is currently in over 70 countries!   

“bringing music to the people...”