How to Play...

a Tankdrum can be played with hands or soft mallets…i prefer hands because i have more tone control holding the tank and i can dampen (soften or silence) the pads i am not striking, this is key for me to achieve the cleanest tones….i use the inside of my thumbs or the tips of 3-4 fingers to strike the bass pads and i use the tips of my fingers for all the other pads… i can get different tones by touching the tank in different places with one hand, as i strike a pad with the other,which dampens the other notes to various degrees… chords can be played by striking more than one pad at a time… i think a Tankdrum sounds best sitting in a lap, this again adds tone control, it also allows the player to feel the vibes more which usually enhances playing …when i play my Tankdrum in a loud drum circle i slap it full force with my whole hand just as i would any other hand drum….

“in a time of handpans, be a Tankdrum...”