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When you choose the Drum Makers Choice option, we select your drum and you save money. This gives us a chance to experiment with new models and new tunings, sometimes resulting in a new product for the website. We choose products for the site based on drums that we can accurately reproduce, however with the DMC option we are free to create outside of our own boundaries which could result in something exceptional, or at least different. Most often it will be similar to one of the drums on the website, however it may have a different layout, note configuration, or frequency calibration. A single-side drum will have 7-11 notes and a double-side drum will have 13-22 notes, depending on the key/scale and desired resonance, etc.. It will always be up to our Tankdrum standards and many times it will be an anomaly with its very own outstanding sonic nuances. This option is for those who want a rare Tankdrum and are willing to take a chance. Creating a DMC Tankdrum is fun for us as well as well as educational, so we charge less. As with any of our drums, you will have 2 weeks to decide if you like it. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you are welcome to return it for another DMC or a full refund, minus shipping.

“an instrument for the New Age…”